Master's degree in Mathematics


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The University of Verona (Italy) offers a two year (120 ECTS) Master's Program (Laurea Magistrale) in Mathematics taught in English, with an applied curriculum designed according to the standards of ECMI (European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry).

The Program has a strong international flavour, with many classes held by international visiting faculty.
The approach is also interdisciplinary, involving people from computer science, life and health science, economics.

Target students have a Laurea Triennale or an equivalent foreign degree (Bachelor), with a strong basic training in Mathematics. There is a wide choice of stage proposals, both within University of Verona research teams and at external facilities.

Students having completed the program will be able to devise mathematical models for problems coming from other scientific areas, and to contribute to their solution, both through reference to appropriate literature and by using and developing computational tools. They will also be able to clearly communicate problems, ideas and solutions concerning mathematics to a general or specialized audience. Last but not least, they will be able to work in teams with other scientists, and/or to enroll in a PhD program.

Prospective careers are in banks, industry, research in Applied Math, Economics, Computational Sciences, high school teaching.

The main Concentrations of the Program are on:
  • Mathematical finance
  • Mathematical methods for image processing, life and health sciences, coding theory and cryptography
  • Foundations and teaching of mathematics (partially in Italian)

Course details

Postgraduate and Master's programmes
2 years
LM-40 - Classe delle lauree magistrali in matematica
Controlling body
Collegio Didattico di Matematica
Amministrazione Collegi del Dipartimento di Informatica
Teaching administration
Operational unit Teaching office for Science and Engineering students
Reference Department
Computer Science
Macro area
Science and Engineering


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