Reserch Modelling Seminars: informations & next talks

Reserch Modelling Seminars: informations & next talks

Dear students,

     in order to organize one or two days for your presentations, I need the title of your topic, therefore I kindly ask you send me this information via email at latest next week 07/02/2018.
If you still do not have one I recall that you may choose among on of the other ECMI modelling courses (Moodle).

Moreover, whitin the events of the Research Modelling Seminar I announce  the following talks to be held next Thursday 08/02/2018,   14:15 in Sala Verde.
Optimal control problems in transport dynamics
   Mattia Bongini (Paris Dauphine, CEREMADE).
 Multiscale analysis of singularly perturbed finite dimensional gradient flows: the minimizing movement approach,  
    Francesco Solombrino (Università di Napoli Federico II)
The confirmed participation gives an additional bonus to the final grade.

For any other question or information do not hesitate to contact me,

Best regards,

Giacomo Albi

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Reserch Modelling Seminars: informations & next talks
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